Generator Installation and Repair

Unexpected Power Outages Can Impact Daily Life

Weather conditions across Ohio are changing! Electrical grid issues, adverse weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances can all cause the power to go out for hours or, in some severe cases- even days. Businesses and homeowners do not have the privilege of operating/living in a home without electricity.

Today’s home generators are more powerful and consistent, offering several benefits:
  • Stable heating and cooling
  • Refrigerators and freezers that stay consistently cold
  • Fully functional security systems
  • Lights and outlets operate as usual
  • Gates and garage doors are operable
If you’ve experienced a power outage, you know how uncomfortable, dangerous, and costly it can be. With a whole-home generator installed by licensed professionals, you’ll be able to weather any storm!

Steller Electric Offers the Solution

Steller Electric solves that problem by offering a full suite of generator services, including professional generator replacement and installation. Our goal is to keep your home or business independent and stable regardless of external circumstances.

Safety is our top priority

We have a team of licensed, bonded, and certified professional electricians that can safely connect your generator to your home wiring system, plug the generator into the transfer switch, and create a circuit to support it on your service panel.


This process ensures that the electrical flow produced by the generator will safely power your home and reduce the risk of overloading. In addition, working with an experienced team reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is an important variable to consider when relying on a generator.


If this is your first generator, our electricians will discuss your budget and the electrical needs of your home or business before starting the installation process to ensure safety and a customized solution.

Steller Electric Generator Services Include:

Load analysis and testing





Emergency Repairs

Why Choose Steller Electric?

100% Guarantee

Stellar Electric offers a 100% guarantee on all our generator services.

Honest Pricing

Our transparent pricing ensures there are never any surprises.

Steller Electric is known for excellent customer service. We treat our clients like neighbors, which means you can trust us with your home, business, and safety.

Contact our team today if you need to install a new generator or replace an aging generator. We offer customized solutions to all our customers to ensure you receive a high-quality generator ready to meet your budget, home/business size, and needs.

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