Indoor, Outdoor, and Custom Lighting Packages

Indoor, Outdoor, and Custom Lighting Services

Steller Electric has provided indoor, outdoor, and custom lighting packages for homes and businesses in Powell, OH, and surrounding areas since 2013. Our certified electricians design and install lighting systems for both the interior and exterior of your home or business. Trust the professionals to provide lighting solutions for both indoors and outdoors.

Commercial Interior and Exterior Lighting

Starting in the parking lot, we can replace, upgrade or install floodlights, pole lights, perimeter lights, and walkway lighting. Our master electricians understand local electrical codes and focus on utility and safety for your customers and employees. If you do business at night, it is important to have a well-lit parking lot that can ensure safety for your patrons as they walk through them at night. Security lighting and motion-sensing technology can be added to give you many options to save energy without compromising safety.

Industrial lighting solutions outside the facility reduce liability and give property owners and managers peace of mind. Interior lighting upgrades give your business a consistent look and, when you install energy-saving bulbs, save you money on your monthly electricity bills. Poorly planned or placed electrical lighting systems could pose safety risks. By upgrading your lighting, you can give your space unique appeal and dramatically decrease power outages and electrical faults due to outdated wiring and fixtures. Improve productivity with reliable lighting in work areas, hallways, and throughout the facility.


No commercial building is the same, so we’ll customize your lighting to match your needs.

Indoor And Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Right now, LED lights are all the rage. This economical lighting solution can save you money and provide layered lighting that’s easy on the eyes in more ways than one. Choose from recessed lighting flawlessly installed to minimize disruption to the flow of your home. We can also install task lighting under counters and shelves or in your reading nook, game room, or office. Pendant lighting over dining spaces, overhead lighting in the living area, and many other possibilities can redefine the ambiance of your home.

Outside the home, the possibilities are equally endless. We can provide pathway lighting so that you can extend your outdoor living beyond sunset. If you have a gazebo, pool, or other features you want to use in the evening, we can provide spotlights, pole lights, and other solutions that let you see your way as you mingle with guests.

Our Guarantee To Our Customers

Our electricians have a sterling reputation for attentive customer care. Every applicant goes through an intense interview and background check to ensure they are the right fit for our company. You can expect courteous, on-time service for every appointment. Plus, our electricians undergo special training to understand the intricacies of residential and commercial indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.


Here’s what else you can count on when you choose Steller Electric:

Courteous service

Timely service and on-time electricians

Well-trained, adept professionals

Lighting fixtures from trusted manufacturers

Long-lasting enjoyment of your illumination

Find out more about the credentials of our team and schedule a free consultation to discuss your lighting wants and needs.

Why Choose Steller Electric?

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Stellar Electric provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every lighting design, installation, or upgrade

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Work with licensed electricians with 15 years of electrical experience and a commitment to Powell, OH, and its residents and businesses. For the brightest ideas in lighting solutions, contact us today to make an appointment!

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